About Us

wicked design oil recycled oil barrels

At the core of our business is a strong vision for creating beautiful but yet functional and sustainable interior design promoting social awareness.

We have a genuine passion for unique details and the reuse of recycled and upcycled materials with a purpose.

During a trip to Bali we learned the environmental waste of oil barrels dumped into the ocean is overwhelming. Wanting to do something about the problem we decided to get creative and voilà! our signature oil barrel bar stool was born followed by a growing collection of interior designs in lamps, tables, mirror frames, chairs, etc...

Our aesthetics are rustic and modern industrial statement pieces to love and treasure for a lifetime. We love to mix global influences with a unique hallmark in interior concept design.

Wput a lot of love and attention into focusing on the customer needs and vision. Our expertise is in public environments but we also offer our interior design and consulting services for private homes.